Day Training

We help your dog branch out!


Dogs of any age can do our Day Training program, although our socialization outings are more suitable for puppies who are 8 to 16 weeks old. We are here to give your dog the training they deserve when you can’t fit training into your schedule.

Before your dog starts our training program, we will schedule a meet and great so we can get to know you and your dog. This way we will know all about your dog, their quirks, and exactly what training they need.


This service is available Monday-Friday between 10am and 4pm.


We always start by training in your home and then branch out to other places. Where we go from there depends on your dog and the training they require.


$40 for 30 minutes.

$50 for 45 minutes.

$75 for 1 hour.

All of these options include a walk, the length of which is determined by the dog’s training needs.

Perfect for Busy Dog Owners!

Training AND a walk – all using rewards based learning.
You will also recieve a detailed update about your dog’s training session, complete with a photo and update to their training plan.

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Black and white border collie standing in snow looking up at viewer
Portuguese water dog wearing a bandana at the park

What is Day Training?

With this service, the trainer comes to your dog, without you needing to be there. This is great for dogs who may feel more comfortable staying in their own home instead of staying at a trainers house for a board and train.

The benefits: You don’t miss out on any time with your dog! You are given updates after each training session, and best of all, at the end of the day you have a happy, tired, and trained dog!

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