About Your Trainer

My name is Lily Jackson. I own Big Stick Dog Training in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In 2018 I brought home a handsome little puppy named Gene. Having raised dogs my whole life, I thought I knew it all! 

Within the first week or two of having Gene, someone asked if I would be attending puppy class with him. 

“Well, I’ve raised dogs before..” was my response. 

They replied, “But every dog is different and it’s so nice to have someone experienced to ask all your questions to, instead of figuring it out on your own”.

And I am so grateful I took their advice!

Taking puppy classes, and classes in obedience, agility, rally obedience, tricks, and scentwork, is what brought me to pursue a career in dog training.

Because I used to be just like you! I had a new puppy, but no new training skills.

That is when I found clicker training and positive reinforcement training and suddenly I saw animal training in a whole new light.

My goal in life is to help my clients build strong relationships with their dogs and to help them raise well socialized, confident, and happy pups.

I believe that dog training can and should be playful and positive for everyone involved.

I currently have two Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, Gene and my puppy Willow. I compete with Gene in Rally Obedience, and Willow loves to do rally and scent work.

I’m a trainer on a mission to make dogs and their people happier.

I am dedicated to increasing my own knowledge and skills in dog training. I take many online classes from Fenzi Dog Sports Academy and I take in person classes too! I have also taken the Puppy Start Right Instructors Program through the Karen Pryor Academy.

I am an International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants Accredited Dog Trainer (IAABC-ADT), and I am a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers (CAPDT).