We started Rally with Lily this past fall with our rambunctious/sensitive adolescent pup and we were blown away by Lily’s calm and patient demeanor. We’ve learned so much in these classes and it has been amazing to watch our sensitive dog find a sport that he thrives in! These classes have helped Rowdy gain more confidence and they have also helped us become better handlers. Thank you again Lily for all your hard work!

Cassia M. & Cory B.

Lily taught me and Sully in a beginner rally-o course. She a great instructor. She knows the information she’s providing and is able to take alternative routes if one way isn’t working for a particular dog.
Sully has extreme anxiety and Lily was able to accommodate that. She set us up in a separate room that was close enough to hear/learn but far enough for Sully to relax.
We recommend Lily as a great trainer and even better person. On top of her abilities with dogs she is also a thoughtful and caring individual.
Amy M.

I highly recommend anyone who is interested in the world of rally obedience to try a class with Lily and Big Stick Dog Training.
My Boston Terrier puppy Frank is incredibly anxious and Lily went above and beyond to make classes a positive experience for us by changing things like how she arranged the room, to how Frank worked in the class, and really tailored the learning to meet his needs.
We enjoyed the class so much I have signed my older Boston, Beans, up as well! Beans has his own set of physical limitations, and Lily again has made the class work for us.
Beans has gotten so much better at rally as well as improving his confidence! The dogs and I have a blast in class, so if you are considering rally as a dog sport, you won’t regret going with Big Stick Dog Training!
Sarah S.

We were introduced to the world of rally obedience because of Lily, and couldn’t be happier about it!

Whether you’re interested in competing with your dog, or you just want to learn new skills, Lily is such a great instructor. She is so kind, patient, and calm, and helps handlers work through and troubleshoot how to master different skills based on both their and their dog’s learning styles. She also does an excellent job at accommodating both nervous and over-excited dogs in her classes, to help set everyone up for success.

Because of Lily’s coaching, Clark’s focus and engagement in highly distracting environments has improved so much and he’s starting to understand how fun and rewarding rally obedience can be

Jocelyn E.