Puppy Board and Train

We make puppy raising easy for you!

Potty training, loose leash walking, socialization, and essential life skills. We get your puppy off to the right start with our Board and Train program

Puppy Board and Train

Puppies are a joy to have around… when they are not keeping you up all night, niping at your fingers, and chewing your favourite pair of shoes! As much as we would all like it, life cannot simply stop just because you got a puppy.

That is where we come in.

We know that the best time to socialize a puppy is when they are less than 12 weeks old. We know that the first behaviours puppies learn tend to be the most solid. We know the perfect times to bring puppies outside to prevent them from pottying in the house, and why preventing problem behaviours before they can develop is a foolproof puppy raising strategy.


Our Puppy Board and Train Service is designed for puppies ages 8 weeks to 6 months old. Board and Train puppies comes to live with us for a minimum of 1 week or a maximum of 4 weeks for an immersive training experience. All of our puppy training and socialization is done through positive reinforcement, classical conditioning, and desensitization, with IAABC accredited dog trainer Lily Jackson.

Board and Train puppies learn proper manners and essential life skills. They are socialized in a variety of environments, and get to meet different dog-smart people. We adjust our training and outings to meet each puppy’s needs, and we make sure to curate positive interactions for all our puppies.


If it ain’t broke, you don’t need to fix it.

Raising your puppy right from the start is the most effective way of getting the companion that you’re dreaming of right now. Proactive training and preventing behavioural issues is our bread and butter. Let us help you avoid common training mistakes, and get the most out of training, by getting your puppy’s training jump started.


Book Your Board and Train Today

We take a limited number of puppies at one time in order to give each puppy enough training, attention, and socialization. We are currently booking for September.

Our Puppy Board and Train Package Includes:

  • Force-Free Training without the use of aversive tools (no e-collars, prong collars, etc.)
  • Positive socialization for your puppy in a variety of environments
  • Two follow up appointments where you learn to continue your puppy’s training
  • Management options designed specifically for your puppy and your household
  • Unlimited ongoing support via email with Lily


Board and Train


  • Meet friendly, vaccinated dogs
  • See dogs in different contexts (on the street, from a window, from the car)
  • Play with other puppies that are age and size appropriate

      Life Skills

      • Recall
      • Basic Commands
      • Sit, Down, Stay
      • Leave It
      • Loose Leash Walking
      • Off leash skills (in safe environments!)
      • Kennel training


      • People of different ages, genders, heights
      • People wearing hats, helmets, coats, etc.
      • People riding skateboards bikes
      • See strollers and carts


      • Visit pet friendly Stores
      • Groomers
      • Parking lots and sidewalks
      • Dog training facilities
      • Car rides


        • Explore nature
        • Experience different weather
        • Walk on different types of ground and surfaces
        • Navigate obstacles
        • Most importantly, have free time be a puppy!
        Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever playing in dirt

        From Naughty Puppies...



        Trainer with a Golden Retriever Puppy

        To Well Behaved Dogs!



        No Bad Dogs

        Big Stick Dog Training believes that all behaviour serves a function. Whether it be communication, self-fulfillment, enrichment, attention, access, escape, and/or sensory needs. We believe that there are no naughty puppies, just misunderstood pups who need some extra guidance.

        Through positive approaches to training, we make learning fun for your puppy, and fun for YOU. 

        We give our Board and Train puppies time to be what they are… silly, happy, goofy puppies! Dog’s deserve opportunities to do DOG things, like digging in dirt (see the “naughty” puppy pictured above). By giving dogs proper outlets for their species specific behaviours, we can prevent a lot of unwanted behaviours.

        Our Board and Train puppies get a perfect jump start on life, through daily training, socialization and excursions, all curated by a professional puppy raiser!

        What is Socialization

        and why is it so important?

        The American Veterinary Medical Association defines socialization as “the process of preparing a dog or cat to enjoy interactions and be comfortable with other animals, people, places and activities”.

        Socialization is important because it can prevent behavioural issues such as fear and aggression. Behavioural issues are the number 1 reason that dogs are surrendered to shelters!

        The first 3 months of a puppies life are the best time to socialize them in positive and safe situations. We provide these safe environments to set our Board and Train puppies up for success in socialization.

        The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour recommends prioritizing safe and positive socialization even though puppies are not yet fully vaccinated because of the major long term benefits.


        Big Stick Dog Training cannot guarantee that puppies will meet every training goal in the Board and Train time period. Training is an on-going process and must be continued when puppies return home.

        The longer a puppy spends with us, the more likely they are to meet all of their training goals – this is because we are dedicated, consistent, and methodological in our training plans.

        Have a puppy over 6 months old?

        Our Walk and Train program is perfect for older pups. Our Walk and Train dogs go on socialization outings suited to their age and the training they need.