One on One Dog Training

Tackle Your Dog’s Training with our One on One Mobile Training Services

Our training services are mobile, that means we come to you! By working with your dog in your home we are able to design training plans, for you, your family and your space.

We serve Halifax and the surrounding areas. Contact us to book a training session.

Casca a rescue German Shepherd Mix

We also offer private lessons at Nova Dogsport

I offer private lessons at Nova Dogsport for general manners and sports. The dog sports I teach are Rally Obedience (CKC or CARO) and beginner Agility.

Private lessons are beneficial for handlers who want a second set of eyes on their team or who want help with certain aspects of training like ring confidence.

Private lessons are most beneficial for dogs who may not be suited to a class environment. Sensitive dogs can get the focus and attention they need, and they get to have fun learning in a safe space!

Toller jumping agility

Photo by Epic Tails Photography NS

Training for Dogs of All Ages

Silver fox barking at the neighbours?

Puppy jumping on your children?

Our goal is to help you have a happy life with your dog through proper training and management.

When is one on one training your best option?

  • You’ve adopted a rescue dog and want some help integrating them into your home.
  • You have a dog who is a bit too nervous to go to classes.
  • You are expecting a life change like a new baby and want to do training preparation.

One on one training allows you to ask as many questions as you want and to get the individualized help you need.