Big Stick Dog Training


Positive Dog Training You Can Trust

Dog ownership can come with all kinds of unexpected challenges. Lily makes these challenges fun to overcome, through group classes and private lessons. Let’s get to work solving your problems!

What makes our training right for YOU?

We know that positive reinforcement is the most effective way to train animals (and humans!).

We use the most modern training methods available to solve problem behaviours.

We offer a shame-free environment for you and your dog to learn in.

We offer a variety of services to ensure that you get the help you need in ways that work for you and your dog.

Puppy Board and Train

Building Perfect Dogs from Puppies

Our Puppy Board and Train Program takes your adorable puppy and helps form them into a well rounded dog. We socialize and teach your puppy life skills, so you have less to worry about.

Private Training

Made Just for You

We offer a mobile training service, which means we come to you. We also offer private training lessons at Nova Dogsport for basic manners, beginner agility and any level rally obedience.

Obedience and RallyO

Classes and Private Lessons

We offer weekly Rally Obedience classes at Nova Dogsport and Ace It Canine Academy. We have classes for every level and every learner. Click below to find the current schedule. 

CARO Rally Obedience

CARO, the Canadian Association of Rally Obedience is an all-breed inclusive trialing association that offers Rally Obedience and Obedience (CARO Working Class). CARO has virtual trials twice a year that are a great way to compete with reactive dogs, and we host in person trials throughout the year.

Big Stick Dog Training hosts CARO trials in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Lily teaches CARO RallyO classes at Nova Dogsport and Ace It Canine Academy in Harrietsfield, Nova Scotia.

Our team travels to support other facilities across Atlantic Canada in hosting their first CARO trials. We also offer secretary services for trials. Click the icons below to learn more about CARO and what opportunities there are for you, your dog, or your dog training facility.

Lily sitting with a Portuguese water dog in her lap

Lily Jackson, Accredited Dog Trainer

Lily is an Accredited Dog Trainer through the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants and is the Owner of Big Stick Dog Training.

Lily helps clients accomplish training goals effectively and efficiently, while also building and maintaining strong relationships between owners and their dogs.

Lily teaches handlers how to build engagement, connection and clear communication with their dog.

She helps people and dogs become successful in every day life and in sports through proper management and training techniques.

In 2023, Lily spearheaded the return of Canadian Association of Rally Obedience (CARO) to Nova Scotia. She has introduced hundreds of people to CARO Rally Obedience and hosted two very successful CARO trials.


“Lily has been a great help in training our dog Bozlee. Her expertise and patience have helped us through teaching basic commands, managing our dogs excitement at the front door, and improving leash walking. Thanks to Lily’s support, Bozlee has become more well-behaved and able to handle excitement. We highly recommend Lily to anyone looking for dog training services.”

Dylan, Mackenzie and Bozlee

“Fyrish and I love Lily’s classes.  She is a lovely person, and works at each person’s (and dog’s) own pace.  She is very patient and gets results.  Her classes have a great atmosphere, are very relaxed but also varied enough to be fun.”

Aileen and Fyrish

“Lily is dedicated to helping her clients navigate the challenges of life with their little furry friends. She is patient, kind, and wants your dog to succeed. No matter the size, no matter the issue, Lily is there to support you and your dog.”

Peter S. and Danforth