Canadian Association of Rally Obedience

What is CARO?

The Canadian Association of Rally Obedience is an inclusive RallyO trialling association which encourages dogs of any breed or mixed breed to compete. 

CARO welcomes people and dogs with different abilities! They accomplish this by adjusting courses to be more accessible for those who may require it.

CARO courses also have tunnels and weaves for extra fun! Trialing can be done either in person or virtually. Virtual trials are ideal for teams who are unable to attend in-person trials.

Most importantly, CARO believes in positive reinforcement and do no harm teaching methods, and that includes how people treat one another.

CARO Levels, Signs, and Rules

There are 5 levels of CARO Rally: Novice, Advanced, Excellent, Versatility and Versatility Excellent. There is also Team (two handler and dog teams in one run), and Brace (one handler and two dogs in one run).

Unlike other organizations, CARO allows food rewards to be used in the ring in Novice and Advanced. There are strict rules around when you can feed your dog in the ring! Allowing food in the ring is a great way to start competing in Rally without having to go treatless cold-turkey.

Don’t be fooled though, CARO Rally Novice has signs that are difficult, like pivots and a stand from sitting.

CARO Working Levels

There are 3 CARO Working Levels: Rookie, Elite and Expert. The Working Levels test the dog’s ability to perform off leash and away from the handler. They have exercises from a variety of dog sports like Obedience, Scent Work and Agility. For example, there are cone wrapping exercises, barrel racing and around the clock, directed retrieves, and distance position change cues (e.g., sit-down-stand-spin).

Want to learn more about CARO?

Click the button below to go to the official CARO website. There you will find the masters handbooks, signs, and lists of upcoming trials across Canada.

CARO in Nova Scotia

Want to get involved in CARO in Nova Scotia?
Click the button below to find out about CARO Fun Matches, trials and more in the “CARO in Nova Scotia ” Facebook Group.